The Tacoma Home & Garden Show has a star-studded line up of local and nationally known speakers set to take the stage at the 2018 show. The schedule below is an at-a-glance look.

All seminars are located in the Green Theater, which is located in the SW Corner of the Arena.


11:30am WSU Pierce County Master Gardeners Rhodies and Azaleas Done Right
12:00pm Tacoma Rose Society – John Moe, Master Rosarian The ABC’s of Growing Climbing Roses
12:30pm Jim Ullrich Orchard Mason Bees
1:00pm Marianne Binetti The Art of Gardening: Make Like Monet but Keep It Simple
2:00pm Sue Goetz Landscaping with Herbs


11:30am WSU Pierce County Master Gardeners Orchids
12:00pm Tacoma Rose Society – Elena Williams, Master Rosarian Sustainable Rose Growing
12:30pm Jim Ullrich Orchard Mason Bees
1:00pm Marianne Binetti Hydrangeas, Hellebores and Heucheras: Year ‘Round Color with the Heavenly ‘H’ Plants
2:00pm Sue Goetz Your Garden Design Dilemmas FIXED!


11:30am WSU Pierce County Master Gardeners You Can’t Grow that Here!
12:00pm Tacoma Rose Society – Bruce Lind, Master Rosarian The Point Defiance Park Rose Garden—A Photo Tour of This Living Historical Gem
1:00pm Marianne Binetti The Art of Gardening: Make Like Monet but Keep It Simple
2:00pm Ciscoe Morris Show and Tell with Ciscoe
3:00pm Cyndi Stuart Vegetable Gardening in the Drizzly Pacific Northwest
4:00pm Debbie Teashon Autumn to Winter, The Forgotten Seasons


11:30am WSU Pierce County Master Gardeners Fuchsia Fundamentals
12:00pm Tacoma Rose Society – Gracie Baker, Master Rosarian How to Prune Standard and Miniature Roses
12:30pm Jim Ullrich Orchard Mason Bees
1:00pm Ciscoe Morris Perennially Attractive
2:00pm Marianne Binetti Hydrangeas, Hellebores and Heucheras: Year ‘Round Color with the Heavenly ‘H’ Plants
3:00pm Cyndi Stuart Super Soils & Courageous Composting


For “how-to” information from some of the region’s top Northwest gardening experts, the show features presentations by Ciscoe Morris, Marianne Binetti, Sue Goetz, WSU Pierce County Master Gardeners and many more!

A sampling of seminar topics includes “Landscaping with Herbs,” “The Art of Gardening: Make Like Monet but Keep It Simple,” “Sustainable Rose Growing,” “Rhodies and Azaleas Done Right,” “Orchard Mason Bees,” “Creative Garden Containers,” “Vegetable Gardening in the Drizzly Pacific Northwest,” and “Perennially Attractive.”


Ciscoe Morris        

“Show and Tell with Ciscoe” & “Perennially Attractive”

Ciscoe reveals a few of his favorite plants and tools with his lively enthusiasm for gardening, all while fielding questions from the audience, in “Show and Tell with Ciscoe.” Some lucky attendees may win prizes, but only if they can solve his “Ciscoe garden stumper questions.” Warning–he does like to throw brussels sprouts at anyone who stumps him! Ciscoe will share pictures of his favorite perennials in “Perennially Attractive,” including those that add “archi-textural” foliage, attract hummingbirds, look good in winter, and those that are so cool, you just have to have them!  He will also give tips on how to keep them looking their best.

About Ciscoe:

A certified arborist, master gardener and Pacific Northwest favorite garden authority, Ciscoe can be seen in gardening specials on KING 5 and heard Saturday mornings on 97.3 KIRO FM. He has co-authored books on roses and perennials, and his book “Ask Ciscoe – Oh La La! Your Gardening Questions Answered” (Sasquatch, 2006) is a national bestseller. He also writes a garden column for the Seattle Times. Ciscoe’s home garden was featured in ‘Seattle Homes and Lifestyle’ in 1999. Despite giving close to 100 garden talks a year, Ciscoe regularly leads garden tours to countries all over the world.


Marianne Binetti                            

The Art of Gardening: Make Like Monet but Keep It Simple” & “Hydrangeas, Hellebores and Heucheras: Year ‘Round Color with the Heavenly ‘H’ Plants

In Marianne’s presentation, “The Art of Gardening: Make like Monet but Keep It Simple,” learn the secrets of Monet’s impressionistic French garden as well as inspiration from gardening artists from all over the world. Discover easy to grow plants and tips that will add the artistic touch to your own garden. In “Hydrangeas, Hellebores and Heucheras: Year ‘Round Color with the Heavenly ‘H” plants,” you’ll learn the secrets of growing these heavenly plants: summer color from hydrangeas, winter color with hellebores and heucheras that fill in with fine foliage the rest of the year.

About Marianne:

Marianne Binetti is the author of more than a dozen garden books, writes a syndicated weekly column that appears in the Daily Olympian, Tacoma News Tribune and other newspapers, hosts TV and radio and gives numerous gardening seminars. She also leads garden tours all over the world with her husband Joe.


Sue Goetz                                        

“Landscaping with Herbs” & “Your Garden Design Dilemmas FIXED!”

Herbs–low maintenance, water misers, pollinator attracters, big bloomers and fantastic foliage. Get to know the best herbs to use in your landscape, including ones that add architecture and color for all seasons, in Sue’s presentation “Landscaping with Herbs.” Find ways to mingle and combine herbs beautifully with other ornamental landscape plants. “Your Garden Design Dilemmas FIXED!” will enlighten you on design tips and stylizing for the real world. From learning how to hide the garbage cans, fix a shady lawn, and get privacy solutions, to discovering beautiful drainage remedies, drought-tolerant plantings, garden borders from dull to drama, and more! Find inspiration for your own garden with before and after makeovers.

About Sue:

Sue Goetz, CPH, is a garden designer, writer, and speaker. Through her business, Creative Gardener, she works with clients to personalize outdoor spaces-from garden coaching the small seasonal tasks to full landscape design projects. Her work has earned gold medals at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, the Sunset Magazine award, gold medals at the Point Defiance Flower and Garden show, as well as the Fine Gardening magazine “Best Design” award. Her home garden has been featured in Northwest Home and Garden magazine as well as Country Gardens. Sue was named 2012 educator of the year by the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association.


Tacoma Rose Society                 

“The ABC’s of Growing Climbing Roses,” “Sustainable Rose Growing,” “The Point Defiance Park Rose Garden—A Photo Tour of This Living Historical Gem” &How to Prune Standard and Miniature Roses”

Knowledgeable Master Rosarians of the Tacoma Rose Society will be on hand to share their expertise on all things roses. John Moe raises about 300 roses in his garden, is also a rose hybridizer and grows several hundred new rose hybrids in his greenhouse. In his presentation, “The ABC’s of Growing Climbing Roses,” John will show you the how’s and why’s of growing, training and pruning a climbing rose for maximum bloom production. Elena Williams believes that everyone can grow and enjoy roses in our area. In her presentation, “Sustainable Rose Growing,” she will speak about growing roses in a sustainable manner, emphasizing that all roses require some care, but certain varieties are more disease resistant than others.

Bruce Lind has mastered all aspects of rose culture throughout his many years of experience raising over 300 roses. With his presentation, “The Point Defiance Park Rose Garden—A Photo Tour of This Living Historical Gem,” you’ll appreciate how fortunate it is that this garden treasure is right here in our community. The Point Defiance Rose Garden is over 100 years old but still modern. Come get involved in volunteering in the garden and learn about rose growing in this wonderful setting. Rosebushes are truly forgiving plants, so no need to feel nervous about pruning them. Gracie Baker will take you through the process and help you confidently get your roses off to a great start this year. With some basic steps for guidance, you’ll be a rose expert in no time with her presentation, How to Prune Standard and Miniature Roses.”


WSU Pierce County Master Gardeners          

“Rhodies and Azaleas Done Right,” “Orchids,” “You Can’t Grow that Here!” & “Fuchsia Fundamentals

Members of WSU Pierce County Master Gardeners will be imparting their knowledge in several presentations at the show. Steve Johnson will reveal his tips for growing two of the Pacific Northwest’s favorite perennials in “Rhodies and Azaleas Done Right.” He will share his over 35 years of expertise on how to care for them year-round from his experience with his collection of about 100 varieties. Learn how to select and care for this Northwest favorite. Come and learn how to get your orchids to rebloom in Gail Sklar’s presentation, “Orchids.” Gail has been growing orchids for 20 years and three of her orchids have been awarded HCC/AOS.

Harolyn Engelskirchen, a Master Gardener, has been a vegetable gardener for over 20 years and has had to adapt to different plant hardiness zones. Learn how to adapt to our Pacific Northwest climate to grow a diverse vegetable garden in “You Can’t Grow that Here!” Wondering why your expensive fuchsia basket dies before the end of June? Virginia Ferguson will impart her wisdom in “Fuchsia Fundamentals.” Virginia has been in the Tahoma Fuchsia Society for 15 years and served as President of the NW Fuchsia Society for two years. Her garden was featured during the 2008 NW Fuchsia Conference.


Wild Birds Unlimited                     

“Orchard Mason Bees”

Cultivate the perfect environment for our native Orchard Mason Bees, backyard pollinator of all late winter/early spring flowers, shrubs and fruit trees. In “Orchard Mason Bees,” Jim Ullrich will show you how to attract Mason Bees to your garden and he’ll give a simple guide to help keep these non-aggressive spring pollinating bees in your backyard.

About Jim:

James Ullrich is president and owner of Wild Birds Unlimited, board member and past president of the Audubon Society and has a Master’s degree in Backyard Bird Feeding Specialist and Orchard Mason Bee Specialist. Jim is passionate about birds and nature and he thoroughly enjoys helping people become enthusiasts of backyard bird feeding.


Debbie Teashon                              

“Autumn to Winter, The Forgotten Seasons”

In Debbie’s presentation, “Autumn to Winter, The Forgotten Seasons,” you’ll learn the secrets to making your autumn to winter garden look alive with plants that flower and wonderful foliage that keeps the garden beautiful from autumn through winter. Find out how to amplify the fragrance in your surroundings in “The Scented Garden.” We engage all our senses in the garden, but the nose knows the fragrant garden is the most important of all. Debbie will show you how to think outside the box, or pot in this case, in “Creative Garden Containers.” Repurpose or create beautiful containers, plus get tips for planting a beautiful spring to summer container that turns into a fall to winter container with a few plant switches.

About Debbie: 

Debbie is an award-winning writer, photographer and author. Gardening most of her adult life, she is always on the hunt for exciting varieties of plant material, creating new containers using beautiful pottery or repurposed items and loves gardening for every season. Her award-winning book co-authored with Wendy Tweten is Gardening for the Homebrewer: Grow and Process Plants for Making Beer, Wine, Gruit, Cider, Perry and more. Debbie writes a monthly garden column Garden Life for the Kitsap Weekly, articles for West Sound Home and Garden and national and international magazines and newspapers. Her web site, Rainy Side Gardeners, is an informational website focused on gardening in our unique climate west of the Cascades.


Cyndi Stuart                                   

“Vegetable Gardening in the Drizzly Pacific Northwest” & “Super Soils & Courageous Composting”

Whether you have been vegetable gardening many years or just starting out, come discover some tips for growing food on the west side of the Cascades in Cyndi’s presentation, “Vegetable Gardening in the Drizzly Pacific Northwest.” With more than 20 years of experience on both the small and large scale, she can help you figure out why some things work, and some things just don’t. Maybe it isn’t your gardening skills, maybe it’s the weather. Learn how to work with Mother Nature so she doesn’t work against you!

Think soils and composting are boring; don’t know the difference between dirt and soil? Never composted before and think you will mess it up?  Well, you might but there are no extra points for perfection, so don’t worry. Join Cyndi in “Super Soils & Courageous Composting” for a lively talk about improving the soil you have and getting that compost pile back in working order. Healthy soils and compost are the key to all successful gardening and the two things we tend to ignore. Learn how to boost your soil and put all those leaves, grass clippings and kitchen scraps to good use. It’s not as hard as you might think.


About Cyndi:

Cyndi is all about wonders in the garden and the joy of growing and eating your own food. With more than 20 years of experience growing edibles on both a small and large scale in the Pacific Northwest, she provides insight, tips and tricks. She has put them all in her book, Real Food from a Real Farm: Eating Through the Seasons (The Roost at Roddy Creek, 2015). As a former perennial plant buyer, field biologist and now a full-time Earth-Friendly Farmer, garden speaker, continuing education instructor and cookbook author there is a deep well from which to pull tips, techniques and advice.