The Portland Boat Show is back in just a few weeks and not only will there be lots of boats and incredible deals available but one of the most unique boats on the planet will there for everyone to see!

It’s called Emerson and it’s being completed just in time for the Portland Boat Show!  Schooner Creek Boat Works built this boat for Jacob Hendrickson…a world-class adventurer and former Air Force pilot.

This incredible boat will be rowed by Hendrickson halfway around the world.  It is, without a doubt, the ultimate rowboat.

State-of-the-art design, construction and materials punctuate flowing lines and impeccable finish that has long been the trademark of Schooner Creek Boat Works, a custom boat builder and boat repair facility located in Portland, Oregon.

Jacob is making final preparations to row his boat from Neah Bay, which is at the far northwesterly tip of Washington State to Australia, about 7,145 statute miles in a straight line. If successful, it will be the longest solo, unassisted, non-stop attempt from North America to Australia in the history of modern ocean rowing.

Hendrickson’s an over-achiever.  A graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University ROTC, he’s served his country as a fighter pilot with over 170 combat missions to his credit.  In 2015, as part of his preparation for his ocean rowing journey, he rode his bike cross country from Oceanside, CA to Ocean City, MD, a distance of 3,114 miles over 67 days of riding.  That’s an average distance of 46.5 miles a day. His longest day was 102 miles!

Every inch of Emerson is architecturally engineered and reflects the highest standards of design, construction, materials and components to achieve the ultimate row boat capable of a 10 month excursion. The design work came from naval architect Eric Sponberg and was previewed in Professional Boatbuilder Magazine.

At 28’ long, Emerson has a 5’ beam and is a blend of foam core, carbon fiber and fiberglass that combine to make the row boat relatively light but durable enough to hold up to the rigors of Pacific storms and swells.

The boat will be a feature at the Portland Boat Show, which Hendrickson is planning to attend. Times and date(s) will be shared closer to the show.

The boat has fully sealed capsules fore and aft to protect Hendrickson in inclement weather.  Emerson is also designed to self-right if capsized.

Extensive testing is planned following the Portland Boat Show with a tentative launch date to start the trip from Neah Bay to Australia sometime around July 2018.


You can help Save A Life – again! The Portland Boat Show is proud to be featuring the life jacket donation program developed and supported by the local District 5 of the International Order of the Blue Gavel. Last year, they donated more than 600 life jackets to numerous local and state organizations.  Once again, they will be implementing the life jacket re-cycling program called “Save a Life – Re-cycle Life Jackets”. The group will provide empty boxes at the Portland Boat Show in the main lobby to place re-cycled life jackets into – so please take the time to donate to those in need! Blue Gavel members will then distribute the life jackets to organizations in need.


Boat Building is always fun for the kids to make their own boat – courtesy of Schooner Creek Boat Works. This fun activity for kids has been a mainstay at the Portland Boat Show for 14 years! Thousands of kids (of all ages) got their first chance to build a wooden boat to take home, for free, right here at the show. Kids will use real tools (supervised), to make a sailboat or powerboat model of their own.