Your success is our success.

We personally sell and manage our events and treat you, the exhibitor, like family. If you are serious about increasing your exposure, sales and profits, then hang your hat on O’Loughlin Trade Shows. Our shows allow you to blanket the region with one point of contact, one decision, and one proven schedule.

The cost effectiveness of our shows cannot be matched by the traditional media. For 4-5 days, you can meet thousands of motivated buyers face-to-face at our events. Thousands of consumers each year pay admission to visit exhibitors at our shows because they are eager to be better informed about choices, options and new technology. These are serious buyers, arriving with curiosity and interest in what you have to offer. Many of our exhibitors realize 50% of their annual sales at our shows.

There are three ways to apply for a show.


The best way to apply to one of our shows is by filling out the online form below. This way your application will go directly to a sales representative who will contact you personally.

Apply online today!

Call Us

If computers aren’t your thing, please feel free to call our offices and apply for a show over the phone. For a list of shows each office produces, please click here.

Portland – 503.246.8291

Fax or Mail

If you have exhibited in one of our shows in the past, its likely you received our brochure in the mail. Towards the back of all our brochures you will find a show fax application. Just fill it out and fax/mail it into our offices to the to one of the numbers below.

Portland – 503.246.1066