RV Makes & Models

RV travel is one of the most fun family vacations available anywhere. Today’s recreational vehicles (RVs) come in a variety of sizes and styles –– one for every family’s needs, taste, budget or adventure.  The 2014 lines of recreational vehicles will be at the Tacoma Fall RV Show.

The name “RV” which stands for recreation vehicle comprises a variety of vehicles, from tent trailers, motor homes and million dollar coaches.  Travelers feel right at home because RVs combine transportation and temporary living quarters –– for camping and recreation activities.  The vast majority of RVs also qualify as second homes for tax-deduction purposes.


Designed to be towed by family car, van or pickup truck. Can be unhitched and left at the campsite while you explore in your auto.



Living quarters are accessible from the driver’s area in one convenient unit.

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