DIY Workshops

The experts at Home Depot are back!  They are creating a great workshop and information area catering to the needs of do-it-yourselfers, home owners and those needing a professional’s touch.  The Free Workshops are on-going and perfect for those interested in yard maintenance, home painting, flooring, and storage options.  The huge workshop area will also feature a complete At Home Services Department, with the ability to go over siding, decking, roofing, gardening, plant material, power garden tools, installations, and energy saving appliances and other needs.


11am  | Daily  Selecting the Right fertilizer and soils for your planting projects

2:00 PM  | Daily  Painting for Everyone & Every Room

If you have wanted to paint a bedroom, bathroom, living room or your entire house and don’t know where to start or haven’t done it for years this workshop is for you.  The experts from Behr Paint, the #1 rated paint in the nation, will give you the knowledge to tackle your painting project.  They know the latest methods, newest equipment and the amount of coverage you will need to get you started, with confidence and ease, on your project.  Don’t forget to grab a card to follow up with them if you have any questions mid-project.

4:00 PM | Daily  Flooring

If you are in need of a new floor in any room of your home the team from Home Depot can show you what tools you need and how to do it right the first time.  Learn how to install hardwood, tile, linoleum and get some of your other flooring questions answered. Tiling can be a very easy way to improve the look of any room in your home.  Learn how to lay mud, level the pattern and space the tiles correctly for your project.  Tiling is a cost effective way to improve your home all it takes is the know-how.

6:00 PM | Daily (except Sunday)  Selecting the Right Carpet

Still have shag carpet from the 80’s or carpet has stains and has that curious smell to it?  Replace it with the help of the professionals.  The Home Depot has a wide variety of carpet to select from and has the right price for you.  They will even install it, so you don’t have to sweat it.  These pro’s can price it on site for you if you have the dimensions of the rooms you want done.  Swing by and make it happen during the show, all days except Sunday.

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