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The Made in America Display Home to be built at the Portland Home & Garden Show!

Here it comes! The 1st Made in America Display Home (for a show) will make its debut at the Portland Home & Garden Show! This is a display home that attendees can tour and learn all about Made in America products, materials and of course local services. See the Made In America Display Home at the Portland Home & Garden Show this February 20 through 24!

Westlake Development Group built the Northwest’s 1st “Made in America” home in 2012 after owner, Gerald Rowlett was inspired by an ABC World News Tonight feature on an All American home built in Montana.  After watching the segment, Rowlett said, “Why aren’t we doing this?”

His first Made in America home was built entirely with products that were made in America. From studs and rafters, to nails and screws – every item was sourced as American made.  The project culminated with a Roundtable with Senator Merkley and garnered local, national and even global attention, including letters of recognition from Senator Ron Wyden and Governor Kitzhaber.

Now Westlake has taken the challenge to create the 1st Made in America display home at the Portland Home and Garden Show in an effort to raise awareness about the incredible impact building American can have. Boston Consulting Group estimates that if US builders utilized just 5% more American products – it could add 220,000 construction jobs and $14 billion to the economy.

“The passion of being able to do this and the excitement of everybody getting on board really was a driving factor,” said Rowlett. Rowlett and his crew accepted no substitutions. There’s not even a nail from another country. Even the tools they are using to build the house, like plastic and tape, are from the U.S. They are using materials made in 31 different states.

Rowlett said the process hasn’t always been easy, “we couldn’t just go into the hardware store and pull products off the shelves.” He said it’s about standing behind the unparalleled quality of the products. “We demonstrate the difference to people all the time… by simply handing them hardware that’s made in the U.S. and hardware that’s made out of the country and even with their eyes closed  – they know the difference.”

Rowlett believes all US citizens can play a vital part in bolstering the American economy through increased demand for American made products, particularly in the construction industry.  Come to the Portland Home & Garden Show to see this amazing display home – Made in America.

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