Serving Up Style

UntitledGet ready for the 6th Annual competition of Serving Up Style at the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show! For the past five years, those who have attended the show have been treated to some of the most innovative designer rooms ever seen in the region. This year will be no different as the top designers, artisans and retailers in the area create rooms of distinction, splendor and whimsy! You’ll see modern, classic, contemporary and themed rooms with plenty of the unusual.

This year, there are 15 rooms being presented, with design teams from all over the Northwest! If you want inspiration, to see amazing creativity and real trend setting, this is the only showcase of its kind presented once a year in the Northwest. See Serving Up Style – at the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show, this October 2 through 5 at the Portland Expo Center presented by PARR Lumber. Visit or for more info.

New this year, A Tribute to Design fundraising gala will be held on Saturday, October 4th. Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus thinks creators and defenders of good design should be recognized and applauded. At the Tribute to Design gala and auction benefitting Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus will do just that. They will be honoring four icons of style – Tad Savinar, Ron Paul, Michael Czysz and Jeff Kovel. The four gentlemen have put Portland on the map both regionally and internationally and they will be honored during the evening. If you are interested in attending the Serving Up Style gala and A Tribute to Design, please visit for registration.

Once again through a special arrangement with, the public will be able to participate in a nationwide online vote to determine the People’s Choice Award. Deciding between the 15 dining environments created by top designers in the Northwest is difficult! Last year, more than 20,000 people voted on the best rooms and we expect that more than 30,000 will vote this year!


Designers and retailers appearing this year at the 2014 Serving Up Style. Click on a design team below for more information.


The design teams will be vying for a People’s Choice Award at this premier event as Serving Up Style is also a fundraiser for Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus.

“We started this event to bring lupus out of the shadows and into the light. This disease afflicts millions across the globe – of which, 90% are women. Serving Up Style will have information and displays throughout the event to showcase and highlight our cause,” said Molly McCabe – namesake and co-founder of Serving Up Style and Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus.


LUPUS FACTS: Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body). When a person has lupus, something goes wrong with the immune system, and it cannot tell the difference between foreign invaders and your body’s healthy tissues. This creates auto-antibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue. Causing intense inflammation, pain, and potentially life-threatening damage to the body’s vital organs. There is no cure, and tens of thousands suffer from this illness in the US, and millions do worldwide.



  • 1 in 185 people have lupus
  • More than 16,000 develop the disease each year (in the US)
  • Ninety percent of people with lupus are women, and 80% develop the disease between the ages of 15 and 45
  • Lupus is 3 times more likely among women of color
  • More than 50% of lupus patients see more than 3 doctors before diagnoses

Lupus is more common than muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, leukemia and cystic fibrosis combined…

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