Brand List

The following product lines will be on display at the 2015 Portland Boat Show. The following list should only be used for informational purposes.

If you are looking for a specific model and wondering if it is going to be on display, please call the dealer directly. This list below was last updated on 12/12/2014 at 09:26:24.


Boat Brand List Dealer
Allied Maxxum Marine
Alumacraft Northwest Boat Center
AlumaWeld Stevens Marine
American Angler Stevens Marine
Antique / Classic ACBS
Avalon Santiam Motorsports
Axis Active Water Sports
Bayliner Trudeau’s Sea Ray Bayliner
Beneteau Passion Yachts
Bennington River City Boat Sales
Bentley Santiam Motorsports
Bic West Coast Sailing
Bombard Inflatable Boat Center
Boston Whaler Trudeau’s Sea Ray Bayliner
Boulton Maxxum Marine
Cal 20 Cal 20 Fleet 7
Cardinal Inflatable Boat Center
Centurian Santiam Motorsports
Chaparral Pacific Power Boats
Christmas Ships Christmas Ships
Clackacraft Clackacraft
Cobalt River City Boat Sales
Custom Weld Custom Weld Boats
Defiance Y Marina
Duckworth Pacific Boatland
Edge Y Marina
Elco Motor Yachts Blue Lake Marine
Encore Santiam Motorsports
Everglades Boat Shop Northwest
Four Winns Pacific Boatland
Godfrey Pacific Power Boats
HewesCraft Clemens Marina
Highfield Inflatable Boat Center
Hobie Adventure Island West Coast Sailing
Hobie Tandem Island West Coast Sailing
Hobie Wave West Coast Sailing
Ka-Hem Ka-Hem Boats
Kawasaki Pro Caliber
Kingfisher Sigler’s Marine
Kingfisher Stevens Marine
Klamath Power Sports Marine
Laser Performance West Coast Sailing
Lowe Pacific Boatland
Lund Pacific Power Boats
MB Portland Ski Boat Center
Malibu Active Water Sports
Marlow-Hunter Passion Yachts
MasterCraft Portland Ski Boat Center
Maxxon Inflatable Boat Center
McLaughlin West Coast Sailing
Meridian Trudeau’s Sea Ray Bayliner
Merry Fisher Sundance Yacht Sales
Monterey Northwest Boat Center
Moomba Active Water Sports
Nautique Active Water Sports
NC Kayaks NC Kayaks
North River Clemens Marina
NW Jet Boats Clemens Marina
Pavati Pavati
Polaris SK Northwest
Polaris Pro Caliber
Precision Weld Precision Weld
Premier Northwest Boat Center
Pro-Steelheader Clemens Marina
Quadski SK Northwest
Raider Power Sports Marine
Ranger Pacific Boatland
RB Boats RB Boats
Regal River City Boat Sales
River Hawk Boats Pacific Boatland
River Wild River Wild Boats
RS West Coast Sailing
Sanger Northwest Boat Sports
Scarab SK Northwest
SeaDoo SK Northwest
SeaDoo Pro Caliber
SeaRay Trudeau’s Sea Ray Bayliner
Ski Supreme Northwest Boat Sports
SmokerCraft Stevens Marine
South Bay Pacific Boatland
Stabicraft Stabicraft Marine
Stabicraft Y Marina
Starweld Maxxum Marine
Striper Northwest Boat Center
SunChaser Stevens Marine
Supra Active Water Sports
Supreme Northwest Boat Sports
Sylvan Pontoons Stevens Marine
Thunder Jet Thunder Jet
Thunder Jet Sigler’s Marine
Tige River City Boat Sales
Triumph Northwest Boat Center
Typhoon by Bombard Inflatable Boat Center
29er Sailboats West Coast Sailing
Wave by Zodiac Inflatable Boat Center
Weldcraft Mid-Columbia Marina
Weldcraft Power Sports Marine
Weta West Coast Sailing
Willie Willie Boats
Willie Y Marina
Wooldridge Portland Marine Electronics
Xtaero Xtaero Boats
Yamaha Boats Mid-Columbia Marina
Yamaha Boats River City Boat Sales
Yamaha Watercraft Pro Caliber
Zim West Coast Sailing
Zodiac Inflatable Boat Center
Zodiac MilPro Inflatable Boat Center
Zoom by Zodiac Inflatable Boat Center


*Brand list is subject to change without notice. Changes in the list will not result in a refund at the show.

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