Enhanced Exhibitors

Check back here soon for a video tutorial and instructions on how to set up your own Enhanced Exhibitor profile page on our website. An email will soon be sent to the each company contact with login instructions. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a quick step-by-step tutorial.



Exhibitors (for the shows listed on the right) will be given the opportunity to log in to our website and create a free, custom page with images, video, product description, address, map and more for their company and products. This is a great way to showcase what you will be bringing to the show!  The exhibitor list for each show is one of the most visited pages of each site. Exhibitors are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful, FREE opportunity.

If you have already received your login credentials, please log in and create your custom page today!

**Please note: If you are an exhibitor in more than one of our shows, your password is different. Please check your email for the correct password.



If you are an exhibitor in one of the shows below, please click on the link below the show name to be taken directly to the login page.  Only shows in bold and with active links are available at this time.

Tacoma Home & Garden Show (coming soon)

Washington Sportsmen’s Show (coming soon)

Northwest Flower & Garden Show (coming soon)

Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show (coming soon)

Portland Home & Garden Show (coming soon)

Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show (coming soon)

Tacoma RV Show (coming soon)



All exhibitors will receive a custom email with a specific username and password to access the site. The username is your Client ID Number. This is included in the email and is also located in the top right hand corner of your contract. It is a 4–5 digit number. Use this, and your password to access the site. Since each show has a different login URL, please use the login url that also included in the email.

**Please note that this is only a tutorial and the fields below are just a representation of the “Enhanced Exhibitor Listing”.  Exhibitors will not be able to enter any information in the fields below.


1. Log In

After clicking on the URL (if unsure of this, please scroll up to see a list of log in urls) you will be taken to a login screen. Please enter your username and password, and click “Log In”.


2. Profile Options

You will now be taken to your “Profile Options”. You will see your username (which can never be changed), as well as areas for your “Nickname” (this is used as your greeting at the top of the page), your email, website, company name and booth number(s).  If you look at the image below, only the fields that are filled in are necessary, all the blank ones will not effect or show up on your custom page. After filling out all the necessary fields, click “Update Profile.”

Please note: You may change your password on this page.  Since our system generates a very strong (but hard to remember) password, you may change it to something a little easier to remember below.


3. Enhanced Listing

After you have filled out everything on the “Profile Page“, and clicked on the “Update Profile” button, you can click on the “Enhanced Listing” link in the upper left hand corner of the page.


4. Address

Fill out your full address (if not already pre-populated).  Please also check the box to allow a map of your business location to show on your page.


5. Social Media

Do you use Social Media to reach customers?  If so, this is the area for you.  Please input your Facebook URL, Twitter handle and a YouTube video.  If you are unsure of how to get a link for your YouTube video, click on the share button right below your video.  Copy and paste that link into the field. An example of what this address may look like is below.


6. Images / Company Logo

In this area, you can upload a company logo and up to two product images. Please click on the “Choose File” buttons below and upload your images. If done correctly, you will see the title of your image next to the button below. After uploading all the images you would like, you may scroll to the bottom of the page and “Click Save“. This will save your images and show you a preview. You may also wait and “Click Save” when you finish filling out the rest of the form.


7. Products

In the fields below, please enter your products. You can enter as many products as you want. Just click on the “Add Another Products” below to get a new set of fields.


8. Categories

In this area, please check all the boxes that pertain to your products.  This will help attendees search for a product they may be looking for before coming to the show.


9. Voucher

If you would like to offer attendees a special discount / offer for products you are selling?  If so, please fill out these fields.



10. Save

This is the most important step of all.  Please click “Save Profile” at the bottom of the page.  After this, you may check out the Exhibitor List and see how your page looks!  Feel free to log back in at anytime to update and change your Enhanced Exhibitor Profile.

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