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Exhibitors of any show produced by O’Loughlin Trade Shows should be especially cautious if they receive mail inviting them to update their company listings in certain international on-line or print trade directories. We are aware of at least two directory publishers— Construct Data Verlag AG of Slovakia (formerly of Austria), which produces FAIRGuide, and Commercial Online Manuals of Mexico, which produces Expo-Guide— who are seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses.  The directory solicitations appear harmless asking companies simply to update their information (which supposedly already exists in the directories and has been published for free). However, upon closer examination of the fine print, listings in the directories are far from “FREE.” By signing and returning the solicitation form with or without updating business information, companies will actually be entering into a three-year, irrevocable agreement that automatically renews and will require them to pay a significant amount of money with no foreseeable benefits. As the producer and manager of several trade shows, O’Loughlin Trade Shows, itself has been targeted by these deceptive and misleading trade show directory scams.

O’Loughlin Trade Shows has no relationship with the FAIRGuide, Expo-Guide or any of their other branded directories, and they are not authorized to use the “O’Loughlin Trade Shows” name and registered trademarks on information they send to show exhibitors. There is reason to believe that the FAIRGuide and Expo-Guide and their other branded directories are part of a larger international syndicate composed of multiple trade show directory publishers all operated by the same conspirators. We strongly warn exhibitors to exercise extreme caution if they receive solicitations from Construct Data Verlag AG, Commercial Online Manuals or any other suspicious third-party offers in order to avoid unwarranted and/or unnecessary legal and financial commitments.

Click here to read about FairGuide on the FTC website.

FTC Stops Foreign Operation That Scammed Many Small Businesses and Nonprofits

If you read our post back from December about a Slovakian company called FAIRguide, you will remember that the FTC was investigating them out of scamming Small Businesses and Nonprofits out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Us, including many of our exhibitors were targeted by this company about being listed in their directory.

On March 20, the FTC put a halt to this company. The letter is below. If you would like to visit the and read this article on the FTC website, please click here.


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The new otshows.com website was officially launched Friday, March 25.  The site has been completely redesigned to be more user friendly.  With this update came show information for the 2011/2012 show season.  Exhibitors are encouraged to apply early and lock in your spot before it’s too late.

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